Indipendentemente dal tipo di azienda o di applicazione, i requisiti dell’automazione sono universali. Gli antropomorfi forniscono svariati vantaggi tecnici: compattezza, alta velocità, precisione, ripetibilità resistenza a tutte le tipologie di ambiente e, soprattutto, flessibilità ad adattarsi ad un gran numero di compiti.

Settore farmaceutico

The types of products provided by D.F. Srl meet all the requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, combining precision and reliability and providing machines made up with high quality materials and finishes ensuring safe and aseptic operation.

Isolation Technology Division

In the pharmaceutical industry and in the regenerative medicine it is a technology that provides a physical barrier between a process that may have asepsis and/or toxicity requirements and the external environment. D.F. S.r.l. provides cutting-edge customized solutions.

Laminar Flow Division

D.F. S.r.l. is one of the main manufacturers and suppliers in Italy and in the world of laminar flow cabinets with high and rigid quality standards.

Divisione Strumenti di laboratorio

This section shows machines for pharmaceutical applications designed for batches to be prepared manually, small productions and accessories to furnish the production rooms.

Handling Division

D.F. Srl has developed a range of loading and unloading equipment, suitable for handling steel crates containing vials/PFS and filling them in the dedicated trolleys, loading the autoclaves, where the containers are sterilised after the packaging process