Robotic Division

Regardless of the type of company or application, the requirements of automation are universal. Anthropomorphs provide a number of technical advantages: compactness, high speed, precision, repeatability, resistance to all types of environment and, above all, flexibility to adapt to a large number of tasks.

By using this technology and its special features, D.F. Srl can make machines for filling, capping and sealing products where aseptic conditions must be maintained. D.F. Srl is also able to develop complex solutions for packaging, handling, etc. according to customer requirements.

We manufacture for your company

DF s.r.l. is always attentive to customer and market needs and builds the ideal machine to support you in your business, today more than ever a leader in the production of robotic machines.

A partner you can trust

Having a reliable, constant and continuously updated partner on new development technologies makes us the reference point for developing the robotic equipment necessary for your company.

Contact one of our sales representatives to find out the reserved economic conditions for relaunching your business.